Parigari is doing many Social activities like providing Free Shelter, Food, Clothing, Medical Assistance and Education for PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED & MENTALLY RETARDED

We also give free Education to the Helpless Boys and girls of Depressed and Minorities and also Provide Suitable Placement to their Capacity.

We also Running the Home for Aged and We are Handling them with a Full time Medical Assistance and we are providing them a Free Food, Shelter and Clothing

Creating Awarness Among the People About Environment Natural Resources and Ground Water Replenishments. We also conducting the Awarness about the Tree Plantation and its Uses among the Public

We are conducting Counselling Programs For Adoloscents and the Social Awarness Programs like AIDS AWARNESS, Eye Campaign, Blood-Donation Campaign and Many more Activities


We are Taking Care of Physically Challenged and Mentaly Retarded. We are Giving the Basic needs for Unwed Mothers, Orphans, etc., We Also Give Counselling for Adoloscent and Married Couples. We are Arranging Awarness Campaigns for AIDS, H1N1, etc., We are giving Free Home for Aged Persons and Providing Free Food, Clothing and Medical Assistance to Mke them Move Forward and We are Conducting Free Tuition Centre for the School going Childrens, Medical Camps in Rural Areas. etc.,

80G Certificate

The PARIGARI OLD AGE AND DESTITUTE HOME is approved under s.80G (5) (vi) of the I.T.Act,1961. So the Donors can avail income tax deductions in respect of Donations to our trust under sec. 80G of the Income tax Act, 1961.

12AA Certificate

The PARIGARI OLD AGE AND DESTITUTE HOME is registered as PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST u/s.12AA of the income tax Act,1961.

FCRA Certificate

The PARIGARI OLD AGE AND DESTITUTE HOME is registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act,2010. . So the SB/CA Account no.108202000002144 has been used for Receiving Foeign /contribution (Regulation) Rules,2011.